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Privacy Policy

E-Auto Warranty Privacy Policy

E-Auto promises to always value and protect the privacy and sensitive information of consumers. E-Auto strictly adheres to the standards of Federal and State laws protecting the confidentiality and security of your information, as well as our use and disclosure of it. Whether you are a current, former, or potential customer, E-Auto Warranty promises to treat your information with the same high level of confidentiality and security regardless of association.

Information Use & Disclosure

In order to provide consumers with an extended warranty (Vehicle Service Plan) quote, we gather information about you and your vehicle that may be used for purposes including: application of an extended warranty (Vehicle Service Contract) quote, processing and servicing your Vehicle Service Contract, initiating and authorizing claims according to your Vehicle Service Contract, providing additional services related to your Vehicle Service Contract (i.e. Roadside Assistance, Authorized Rental Car Agencies, etc.), information needed for research and analytical purposes, and as permitted or directed by our Vehicle Service Contract holders. If you apply for a quote for yourself or any other person(s), we also may gather, use and share such person's/persons' information in the same manner as listed above.

Information We Collect

This includes information you provide to us on the Internet, our website and our web pages you visit, by phone, by text message, by email, through our service providers, or by any other means. Examples of such information may include your name, street address, city and state of residence, telephone number, email address, vehicle information, and billing information.

Additional information may be collected that is supplied by you when you apply for a Vehicle Service Contract quote, participate in E-Auto Warranty promotions and contests, communicate and interact with any E-Auto Warranty social media accounts, E-Auto Warranty associated social media influencers and affiliates, invitations for surveys (including reviews, testimonials and feedback), affiliated blogs and contact forms, and recorded audio between yourself and E-Auto Warranty including all affiliates and partners.

Information We Disclose

Information about our current, former, or potential customers may be disclosed, but only as permitted or required by law, or as permitted or directed by the customer or consumer.

For example, we may disclose such information to affiliated E-Auto organizations and approved agents, consumer reporting agencies, government entities, and claims administrators. We may also disclose such information to nonaffiliated third parties that perform services or functions on our behalf including the marketing of our products or services. Further, we may also disclose such information as necessary to effect, administer or enforce a transaction that you request or authorize, or in connection with servicing or processing a transaction that you request or authorize.

Some examples include information passed between us and other E-Auto Warranty call centers, claims personnel, administrative personnel, customer service personnel, management personnel, business partners, repair shops, parts suppliers, vendor services required for vehicle repairs or claims initiated under your Vehicle Service Contract, roadside assistance agents, authorized rental car agencies, attorneys, affiliate organizations, associated Vehicle Service Contract administrators, associated finance companies, consumer reporting agencies, third-party vehicle inspection service companies, and all personnel or non-personnel affiliates involved with accounting or sales and marketing for E-Auto Warranty.

Additional examples of situations in which we may disclose such information is available upon request by contacting E-Auto Warranty via phone at 1-888-219-9553.

Information About Your Transactions

This includes information about your transactions or billing information with E-Auto Warranty and its personnel, partners, vendors, and affiliates. This includes information such as your Vehicle Service Contract coverage, financed Vehicle Service Contracts, payment plans, payment amounts and billing information.

Providing a Secure Web Environment

E-Auto Warranty enforces the confidentiality and security of your information against unauthorized access and disclosure. We only disclose your information to our personnel, our affiliates' personnel, licensed repair shops, third-party independent vehicle inspection companies, organizations and their personnel needing your information in order to service your account, and as otherwise permitted or required by law. E-Auto Warranty has set in place specific procedures both physically and electronically to protect your information.
Separate from information you provide to us individually via our website, E-Auto Warranty may collect important analytical information regarding your use of our website and the pages within. This information is used to enhance your website experience and includes, for example, data regarding how you were referred to our website, how you were linked to our website, E-Auto Warranty social media pages you visit or interact with, your Internet protocol (IP) address, your browser and/or device type, and your time of visit. This information does not include your name, address, telephone number or email address. E-Auto Warranty may use third-party web analytic and advertising platforms to assist in collecting and tracking this information. Consumers may contact E-Auto Warranty at any time for additional information and examples of the above procedures.

E-Auto Warranty Website Links & Affiliate Links

The E-Auto Warranty website may contain links to our business partners and links to other sites offering valuable information. Any information you provide to these affiliated sites will be governed by that organization’s privacy policy and terms of use.

E-Auto Warranty Communications

E-Auto Warranty may contact you regarding your Vehicle Service Contract and other extended warranty products and services, such as providing a quote, billing notices, confirmations of changes, changes to our products, and other E-Auto Warranty related communications.
Prior to purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract or in the event you decide to cancel your Vehicle Service Contract, E-Auto may contact you to confirm your quote, cancellation, or invite you to come back and get a new quote to purchase a Vehicle Service Contract. You have the ability to unsubscribe from whichever type of communication you receive.

Reviewing or Modifying Your Information

As an E-Auto Warranty contract holder, you may at anytime review and update your information by calling us directly at 1-888-219-9553. You may request information collected by E-Auto Warranty relating to you and your vehicle, make changes to that information, and to be informed of which partners, affiliates, or entities that E-Auto Warranty has disclosed to information to prior to your Vehicle Service Contract purchase until the stated expiration date by time or miles according to your E-Auto Warranty Vehicle Service Contract. For any inquiries, you make contact us directly at 1-888-219-9553. You may be required to provide information to verify your identity and relationship to E-Auto Warranty. During normal hours of operation as stated on our website, E-Auto Warranty will review, edit, or update your information upon request. You may at any time request a copy of your related E-Auto Warranty documents such as your Vehicle Service Contract, Payment Plan (Financing) Documents, or your E-Auto Warranty Welcome Kit.

E-Auto Warranty Contact Information

For questions about our privacy policy, please contact via the information below:
This privacy policy applies to E-Auto Warranty and its subsidiaries. E-Auto Warranty may modify this privacy policy from time to time without notification to current and non-current E-Auto Warranty Vehicle Service Contract holders.