We created this blog to do what we love doing most – providing resources and expert advice to help drivers nationwide.  

With years of experience working in the extended warranty space, we noticed several problems drivers faced when it comes to purchasing an extended warranty plan. These problems exist whether drivers purchased an extended warranty plan from a used car dealership, through an online provider or through a 1-800 call center.Used car dealerships have a habit of overcharging customers and providing little information on the warranty plans they offer. Customers believe they’re getting “bumper-to-bumper” coverage but end up with a low-level warranty plan. Most often, these plans come with a cap as to how much the warranty company is willing to pay per repair. This leaves drivers frustrated and reaching in their pockets to cover the cost of repairs. 

Used car dealerships aren’t the only ones guilty of this. Drivers nationwide are constantly receiving annoying phone calls or aggressive letters in the mail stating their vehicle’s warranty plan is about to expire with little time to purchase an extended plan. Call centers like these use illegal tactics and high-pressure sales scripts in order to sell you an extended warranty plan at a high price. Worst of all, the majority of these companies are filled with telemarketers pitching another company’s warranty product without the knowledge or resources drivers need.

With that, we formed E-Auto to provide drivers with a solution – an affordable warranty plan sold directly from the warranty company that will be fixing their vehicle. No high-pressure sales scripts, scams, or misinformation. We decided to offer only the best extended warranty plans and expert advice to help all drivers find the right extended warranty coverage at an affordable price. Whether it’s submitting a quote or filing a claim, our team is happy to guide you through the entire process and encourage you to pick our brains!