Mentally painting a picture of a customer’s daily or weekly routine is key to providing the right solution for their lifestyle and budget.  

Coming from a business leadership background, when it comes to building relationships with our customers, I’ve learned that it’s all about understanding the driver’s day-to-day life. It provides an opportunity to build trust and to understand a customer’s life through their eyes. This helps us to ensure that we find the perfect product fit for every vehicle.

It’s hard to picture drivers waking up and thinking, “I need a warranty on my vehicle”? But, picture this – you wake up, make coffee, get dressed for work, grab your keys and head out for the day. Now, you’re in your car and turn the key in the ignition…and it doesn’t start.

When I first began my career in the automotive warranty space; I wasn’t a mechanic and I knew very little about vehicles and how they work. The only thing I could relate were the experiences with my own cars breaking down in the past. And the above example was one of them. My starter needed to be replaced and I couldn’t get to work. It wasn’t until then that I wished I had purchased an extended warranty plan. It’s always after the fact, isn’t it?

Starting my journey with E-Auto, it was important to them and myself that I learned the ins and outs of our industry and the vehicle we provide coverage for. One of the foundations to E-Auto’s culture is learning as much as we can about vehicles, our products and the industry at large.

My personal breakdown scenario might not happen to everyone, but breakdowns like this occur every day (and usually at the worst possible time). I enjoy having a good conversation with customers and trading horror stories of past repair woes. Not only do I want to listen to customers and get to know them, but also allow them to get to know us as a warranty provider before they make a purchase.

Our value goes beyond just the sale of a warranty. We also want to provide honest opinions, expert advice, and total transparency of which plans are right for which vehicle and how best to use each plan. No one likes a salesperson that relies on fear, high-pressure sales scripts or giving customers unrealistic scenarios just to get a sale. Instead, sales are about the people you meet and the solutions you can provide for them. 

During training exercises, I always tell my team to learn about the customer as a person. Asking questions outside of the product you’re selling can really help in the sales process. Genuinely caring and simply getting to know a customer goes a long way and is definitely a perk of being in sales.

Our people first attitude extends not only with customers, but also with fellow team members at E-Auto. Whether it’s a simple five-minute conversation with your team or a follow up with a customer, communication and understanding shows you care about them as a person and value the relationship.